Gel Extensions & Gel Polish on natural nails -10 week - £490 (course fee)

Please ask for kit options.

Gel Extensions & Gel Polish on natural nails - 5 week - £270 (course fee)

Please ask for kit options.


  • The student would need a manicure qualification to enrol on this course

  • Students gain 2 certificates

  • All students must be 16+

  • Uniform (tunic/dress) required for all courses

  • A £50 non refundable, non transferable booking fee is required, this amount will be deducted from full
    fee to secure your place along with kit money (detailed above)

  • For the remaining course fee payment plans are available

  • 10 week - 32 hours divided into 10 sessions

  • 5 week - 17 hours divided into 5 sessions

  • Evening or day sessions available

  • Theory & practical

  • Small classes

  • Fully equipped salon

  • Written test

  • Models required for every session

  • Students can advertise of the schools models page for their models




Students will learn the application of gel extensions. Students will also carry out a gel polish on natural nails. The student will learn the use of blending and non blending nail tips. The sessions will introduce the use of french (white tips), colour gel and gel polish will be taught. The removal, infills and maintenance of the gel extensions will also be taught within the course.


All related health and safety and theory will be delivered in these sessions, and a course booklet will also be completed. The student will be required to complete practical case studies at home and their theory work.


The Gel Extensions accreditation will enable the student to carry out professional gel extensions treatments. Beauty insurance advice will be given.

Course booking fee £50 this is non refundable & non transferable. 

If any of the course criteria has not been met, the tutor has the right to withhold certification until it has been completed.




Opening times - Monday - Friday 9.30-2.30pm and 6-9pm.

Course dates are updated on the Facebook page.

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